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We have built a global payroll engine to eliminate the stress of payroll processing.
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Download Pay Slips in a Click

Single click pay slip download

Variable Payment 

Variable Payment

Multiple Pay Periods

Multiple pay period

Compliant with State and Central Statutory Laws

Compliant to state tax laws

Multi-entity Payroll 

Multi-entity payroll

Streamline your Global Payroll Processes end to end

Salary Structure

Salary Structure 

Customize the Ideal Salary Structure for your Organization

Easily accommodate your requirement of compensation packages with various salary components. Offer your employees a tailored salary structure

Pay Groups

Pay Groups 

Effortlessly Handle Various Pay Cycles Across Diverse Groups

Leverage the platform's capabilities to create multiple pay periods and cycles, efficiently managing payouts for distinct employee groups

Flexi Benefit Plan

Flexi Benefit Plan

Empower your Employees to Optimize Taxation with Flexi Benefit Options

With a robust and compliant flexi benefit policy, you can customize various components like LTA, Meal Coupons, Driver Salary, Children Education Allowance, etc. This empowers employees to effortlessly manage plans, claims, proof submissions, and tax savings

Tax and compliance

Tax and Compliance 

Declare Taxes and Generate
Form-16 Effortlessly

Enable your employees to declare and edit taxes and submit proofs seamlessly from the HR portal, facilitating easy tax management and tracking

No more Manual Tracking of Business Expenses



Process Loan or Advance Salary requests with a Few Clicks

Empower your employees with financial flexibility through a simplified loan and advance request process



Effortlessly Integrate our Global Payroll Management with Internal Modules

Our global payroll management system syncs automatically with attendance, leave, performance, expense, arrears, and compensation data

Pay slip

Pay Slip 

Enable Employees to access their Payslips anywhere, anytime

Our chatbot will help you reduce employee inquiries and access payslips effortlessly through mobile and web apps

Our Customers Love our Payroll Software

“Akrivia HCM has been ‘nothing short of transformative’. The user-friendly interface of Akrivia has significantly simplified our HR processes.”

Payroll Software - FAQ’s

What is a payroll management system?

A payroll management system is used to streamline the payroll processes of employees on time. The key objective of PMS is that it adheres to tax laws, reduces manual errors, and ensures accurate payments.

What is a payroll processing system?

The payroll processing system is software that helps in processing an employee’s pay. This involves automating the process of calculating the wages of an individual after tax deductions and other financial transactions. It generates pay slips, files tax forms, ensures data privacy, and maintains regulatory compliance.

What is compensation management software?

Compensation management software is a tool to manage various employee benefits such as incentives and leave encashment. HR managers utilize this software to make sure the compensation to each employee is fair, competitive, and effective. This helps in improved employee retention.

What are the uses of payroll management system?

The benefits of using a payroll management system includes:

  • Calculates employee wages
  • Processes payroll taxes
  • Complies tax regulations
  • Generates payment slips
  • Enhances data security
  • Provides analytics & reporting

What is payroll control?

Payroll control describes a set of procedures to prevent errors and fraud at the time of payroll processes. These measures help in ensuring accuracy and security and improve the overall financial integrity of an organization.

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