Simplify Time and Attendance Tracking

Easily Manage all your Employees’ Attendance, Approvals and Regularization Workflows


Widget based 

Inbuilt Shift Scheduling

Inbuilt shift scheduling

Accessible on Mobile

Time & Attendance Mobile-first

Overtime Management

Pre-planned over-time management

Notification and Reminders

Notification and reminder

A Highly Configurable Attendance Management System

Geo- tagging and Geo- fencing

Geotagging and Geofencing

Avail Flexible Attendance Capturing Techniques

Give your employees the flexibility to mark their attendance from any office, client location or other remote locations with geofenced parameters

Biometric Attendance Tracking

Biometric Attendance Tracking

Track Biometric Attendance in Real Time

Sync your biometric data with our centralized attendance dashboard in real time

Mobile First Approach

Mobile First Approach

Manage Attendance and Approvals from anywhere

Employees can track their attendance and shift details from their phones, making it easy for field employees to punch-in and punch-out

Simplify Time and Attendance Management
with AI and Analytics

Attendance Reports & Analytics

Attendance Reports & Analytics

Access all Your Attendance Reports and Insights from a Single Dashboard

Unlock the full potential of your HR strategies through comprehensive analytics, establishing impactful workflows and effectively transforming employee data into meaningful business outcomes 

Time & Attendance AI in HR

AI in HR

Experience the power of AI

The HRMS platform is seamlessly powered by advanced AI, transforming routine tasks into swift actions. AI-driven chatbot helps you regularize attendance, configure attendance policies, and help with employee grievances, revolutionizing the employee experience

Time & Attendance Payroll Integration

Payroll Integration

Seamlessly Sync Attendance Data with Payroll

Save time and reduce human error by automatically syncing your companies attendance data with payroll

Our Customers Love our Attendance Management System

“Akrivia HCM has been ‘nothing short of transformative’. The user-friendly interface of Akrivia has significantly simplified our HR processes.”

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