Learn how Continental Hospitals Leverages Akrivia HCM to Engage and Retain its Workforce

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About Continental Hospitals

Continental Hospitals, India’s first LEED qualified super specialty hospital is on a mission to provide the best quality care to every patient with compassion and by promoting evidence based clinical practices in partnership with their medical staff and employees.


Working together with Akrivia, Continental Hospitals successfully transformed their manual on-premise HR operations into an agile and seamlessly integrated landscape.

  • They have increased visibility into people metrics, like open positions, attendance levels, etc
  • Continental Hospitals is now dynamically allocating its employees across 22 shifts
  • They are managing their talent through a single integrated system

In an industry where attrition can be as high as 45%, having Akrivia HCM has improved transparency and trackability of individual performances, metrics and successes. We have been able to quantify people’s performance and engage them better to improve our retention

-Jahanara Shaik

CPO of Continental Hospitals

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