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About Akrivia HCM

Akrivia HCM – The final word in HR
with diverse workforce

With Akrivia HCM, workforce management has never been this easy and power-packed for Middle East – based enterprises. We understand the problems faced by the Middle East’s fast-growing multi-national companies and how the current HRMS options are gapingly falling short in solving them. That’s why our 20+ modules cover every aspect of the employee life cycle, revamping them to solve every modern workforce problem and blowing it out of the water for good.

Our AI and ML-based insights predict problems before they become risks. With 100+ restful APIs offering seamless workflow, HR teams get a leisure-like experience in doing HR processes never experienced before by Middle East-based enterprises. No matter how complex or specific the problem is, Akrivia HCM solutions it for you. It is time to solve and win with Akrivia HCM once and for all.

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Akrivia HCM is 'the' solution for all your HR woes!

01 Core HR

Core HR suite, consisting of employee management, leave management, and attendance tracking sub-modules, streamlines HR processes, reduces administrative burdens, and ensures compliance with labor laws and regulations. Simplify your HR tasks and manage your workforce with ease.

02 Acquisition Suite
Recruitment Management Dashboard UAE

Our recruitment module provides a comprehensive platform for managing your organization’s recruitment needs. From job postings to candidate shortlisting and applicant tracking, our acquisition suite streamlines the entire recruitment process. Find the right talent for your organization with ease.

03 Development Suite

Our development suite, consisting of Performance Management (PMS), Learning Management (LMS), and Career Development Planning (CDP) modules, enables you to create a culture of continuous learning and development. Track progress, set goals, and build skills to drive individual and organizational growth.

04 Engagement Suite

Our engagement suite empowers organizations to foster a culture of engagement and motivation through the Surveys, Rewards and Recognition, and Social Feed modules. Measure employee satisfaction, recognize high-performing individuals, and encourage collaboration and communication to boost employee engagement and drive productivity.

05 Finance Suite

Our Finance Suite provides a range of tools including a Statutory Complaint GCC Payroll, Financial System Integration, and Compensation Planning and Benchmarking modules, empowering organizations to optimize financial management and streamline payroll tasks. Simplify financial integration, manage compensation planning, and drive business growth.

Recruitment Management Dashboard UAE
What sets us apart!

Our users have lauded us! Take a look at why.

Module Depth

Effortless solutions for different stages of employee life cycle

Our 21+ modules offer enterprise level depth that enable large organisation across the world to translate their business processes digitally with ease and ensure seamless adoption of your workforce.

User Experience

Intuitive and Mobile-first UX for workforce across the group

The user-friendly mobile-first UX fosters a positive user experience. It empowers employees with a self-service portal by allowing them to view and update their personal, professional, and financial details on the go.

Implementation and Support

Consultative Implementation and Support

Our implementation and Customer Success consultants come with a masters degree in HR and wealth of experience in the HR domain enabling focus on consulting, change management and implementation that allows for successful adoption of the HRMS product across the organisation.

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Don’t Replace. Just Integrate.

We recognize how difficult it is to replace a system that has been in place for a while. We work to integrate
the legacy system to prevent unnecessary disruption and ensure a smooth transition. 

Empower Your Employees With Mobile-First HR Technology

The Mobile HCM solution gives your employees and managers a fast and intuitive user interface. Which makes it easy to address and solve daily HR tasks, even when they’re on the go.

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Resources for Growing Great Employee Experience.

Our presence in the
Middle East

Our Middle East customers enjoy top priority attention, and we show this by offering 24/7 round-the-clock support that is unmatched by any of our competitors. If you need help with a specific challenge and can’t find a solution via any of our videos, you can book a call with one of our customer experts, who will bring you up to speed at the earliest possible time. Our individualized attention to our customers in the Middle East is second to none.

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