How Akrivia HCM brought a global transformation to the HR practices of Evolving Systems?

Empowerment of Employees with Automated Workforce Management

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Established in 1985, Evolving Systems is the No.1 revenue accelerator for mobile operators globally. It has a proven track record of delivering innovative solutions such as 5G, IOT,etc., across 5 continents in the telecom industry with its customer base ranging from Tier-1 to boutique level operators.


Evolving Systems’ partnership with Akrivia HCM turned out to be one of the best decisions for scaling their business.

  • With the help of Akrivia HCM, Evolving Systems successfully transitioned to a real-time automated leave management process thereby reducing manual work and errored operations.
  • Akrivia helped save significant amount of time of the HRs at Evolving Systems with the creation of an accessible and unified document repository.
  • Akrivia’s all-in-one HCM solution helped reduce the cost of implementing multiple tools easing the calculation of ROI.
  • Akrivia’s user-friendly interface helped the company meet employee expectations thus, resulting in higher retention of talents.

We are really happy with Akrivia HCM, and the team is good.

There is proactive support, and they are always available to listen to and resolve our concerns.

-Shilpa Mekala


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