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About Akrivia HCM

Revamp HR technology with Akrivia HCM

Industrial sectors are the prime movers in Indonesia, and distinct industries play a crucial role in the functioning of the Indonesian financial ecosystem. A common element that holds entire industries together is human resources; it becomes essential to understand the human resource and review the requirements.

Akrivia HCM as a platform offers a plausible solution to redundant HR concerns. With cloud-based HR technology, the HRMS software provides more comfort and productivity to HR personnel. The AI and ML-engineered programming presents the users with high-tech assistance that would enhance the smooth functioning of the HR department. Our high-encryption facility makes the Akrivia HCM a unanimous choice for customers.

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Revolutionize modern HR with people management tools

01 Core HR
Indonesia - Core HR

Establish a prospective work environment that imbues your job with significance via fundamental HR software. Progress to the latest HR trends with adaptable and potent HR capabilities.

02 Acquisition Suite
Indonesia Acquisition Suite

Provide human resource managers with resources that encourage a growth mindset, entice elite talent, and construct formidable teams for exceptional results.

03 Development Suite
Development suite in Indonesia

Enhance your employees’ flexibility with a seamless, all-inclusive HR solution that empowers them to take action, expand their horizons, and develop new skills.

04 Engagement Suite
Engagement suite in Indonesia

Utilize AI-powered tools to maximize work output and use an engagement suite to create a positive work culture and recognize employees.

05 Finance Suite
Finance suite in Indonesia

Improve your compensation planning process from start to finish and create policies that align with the requirements of your employees, organization, and financial resources.

Indonesia - Core HR Indonesia Acquisition Suite Development suite in Indonesia Engagement suite in Indonesia Finance suite in Indonesia
What sets us apart!

Redesigning the face of HR in Indonesia
with ease and effectiveness

Akrivia HCM Module depth in Indonesia Akrivia HCM Module depth in Indonesia
Module Depth

Simple solutions for managing employee life cycle 

Our suite of 20+ modules strengthen some crucial functionalities like hiring, training, engagement, and employability also works in alignment to deliver a comprehensive and apt solutions.

Employee details in mobile view in Indonesia
User Experience

Intuitive and responsive UX design prioritizing mobile accessibility for employees

By putting mobile usability first, the UX design promotes a favorable user experience. This, in turn, grants employees the ability to view and modify their personal, professional, and financial data via a self-service portal from anywhere.

Candidate profiles in Indonesia Candidate profiles in Indonesia

Quick and easy access to analytics dashboard for strategy implementation

By utilizing a quick-access dashboard, the financial teams can ensure accuracy in their data and prevent any discrepancies, leading to the identification and correction of profit leaks and maximization of returns on investments. This dashboard also provides a view for expense control.

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Blend, don't substitute

We recognize the difficulties of replacing long-standing tools in your processes. Offering solutions
to integrate the legacy system and reduce any disruptions for a seamless transition.
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Empower your Employees with Mobile-Centric HR Technology

A simple and quick user interface, encourages employees to use Mobile HCM for effectiveness in their work. Assisting in streamlining their daily HR tasks so they can easily complete tasks while working remotely.

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Indonesia is the new destination for innovation in HR management

Our customer support team is available 24/7 to help you with any specific issues you may be having. If you can’t find a helpful video, one of our experts will be more than happy to walk you through the solution. We’re proud to offer a personal service that’s tailored just for you.

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