How Akrivia HCM paved the path for an automated HR processes for Nath Bio-genes

NBIL’s first step towards leveraging HR Tech for a holistic growth strategy

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    About Nath Bio-genes (I) Ltd

    Since its inception in 1979, Nath Bio-genes has been dedicatedly working to enable farmers increase productivity and prosperity in the Indian agricultural market. They have not only successfully established themselves as the most preferred agricultural seeds brand in India but also as a trusted market player enabling farmers with the necessary knowledge for a holistic growth.


    Joining hands with Akrivia, NBIL successfully transformed their manual HR operations to a technologically enable automated landscape.

    • Akrivia HCM successfully implemented 23 modules only within 4 months all tailored as per the requirements of NBIL.
    • Akrivia helped streamline data including HR reports and analytics from all sources in one place driving HRs towards smoother and data-driven decision making.
    • The Akrivia HCM mobile application ensured that employees across all regions stay informed, connected and can reap the benefits of the employee self-service portal hassle free.
    • Akrivia’s expense management feature enabled easy accounting and tracking of expenses, along with seeking approvals and reimbursements saving a huge amount of time.
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    Today, when it comes to data, we are not dependent on the individuals but are only dependent on Akrivia.

    Akrivia HCM offers us a single source of data which is accessible as per role requirements and need. But it’s not just about retrieving the data and putting into an excel sheet, it’s also about the data analytics they offer which has been very helpful especially in gathering insights from an attrition standpoint.

    -Abhinay Jadhav

    CPO of NBIL

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