Transform your Traditional HR Ops into a Strategic,
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Seamless Employee

Seamless employee onboarding

On-Cloud Document Repository 

On-cloud document repository

Role Management 

Role management 

Position Management 

Position Management 

Approval Flow Configuration 

Approval flow configuration 

Build a Digital and Employee Centered
Experience for Your Workforce

Adopt a digital HR onboarding process


Adopt a Digital HR Onboarding Process

Akrivia HCM helps you deliver consistent employee experience to your new hires. It allows you to streamline and configure all the policies to start their journey within your organization

Org Hierarchy

Organizational Hierarchy

Design an Org-Tree Suitable for Your Company

Align your organization's resources in a way that helps employees understand the hierarchy. Streamline collaboration and communication within your workplace with ease

Adopt a digital HR onboarding process

Employee Profile

A Single Source of Truth for Complete Employee Information

Offer a single destination for all employee related information. Employees’ personal and professional data are securely stored in the cloud, with universal accessibility

Digital Signature

Digital Signature

Step into an Era of Paperless Organization

Generate and sign employee documents digitally and make them accessible for your employees, thereby eliminating the need to sign each document manually

Leverage our On-Cloud HCM Suite to
Automate Everyday Tasks

Employee Self Service Portal

Employee self service portal

Engaging and Empowering your Employees

Facilitate two-way communication with our ESS. Let your employees track their activities and get instant access to information like pay slips and tax details

Role Based Access

Role based access

Unlock Role Specific Features

Enhance data security and simplify access management with role based access control. Eliminate the need for password changes and paperwork when you hire new employees

AI in HR

AI in HR

Experience the Power of AI

Leverage the power of Dhruva, our AI-enabled chatbot. It allows your employees to raise tickets and learn about company policies from the chat interface

Multi entity

Multi-entity management

One Dashboard for all your Entities

Managing shared employees among multiple entities is now super easy. This convenience of automation extends across multiple countries, including India, GCC and SEA

Our Customers Love our Core HR

“Akrivia HCM has been ‘nothing short of transformative’. The user-friendly interface of Akrivia has significantly simplified our HR processes.”

Core HR - FAQ’s

What are the core functions of HR?

Core HR functions involve a variety of tasks in managing a company’s human capital. They are: Recruitment and onboarding, talent management, employee engagement, compensation and benefits, training and development, safety and compliance, rewards and recognition programs.

What are core HR activities?

Core HR activities help in providing strategic plans for achieving the organization’s goals and objectives. Among them are a few: Conducting interviews, collecting employee data, managing, employee benefits, workforce planning, payroll processing.

What is core HR?

Core HR is a fundamental concept of HR functions for managing and developing human resources in an organization. They use a centralized database to manage the entire employee lifecycle. From recruitment, onboarding to paying employees, they perform the basic tasks in achieving the organization’s objectives.

What are core HR responsibilities?

Core HR is responsible for promoting a positive workplace for the employees within an organization. They provide smooth functioning of business operations while aligning to specific goals. HR managers ensure there is improved efficiency and productivity of the employees contributing to an organization’s success.

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