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About Akrivia HCM

Empowering your workforce with
tailored HCM solutions

Malaysia is scaling to new heights with industrial products and services in different industries. Human resources are a connecting element of these industries, and managing HR is critical to get more productive output.

Akrivia HCM is furnished with cloud-based HR tools that would increase the accessibility of HR technology, providing all team members with the possibility of accessing workplace data anytime. Akrivia HCM offers us with the added advantage of encryption and protection of personal data. With a configurable design structure, the digital HCM and payroll software provides a definitive output for the company and the organization.

It is user-friendly with optimum flexibility and promises maximum efficiency to its customers.

Everything you need, all in one place!

Revolutionize modern HR with people management tools

01 Core HR
Core HR in Malaysia

Construct a future workplace that brings purpose to your career through advanced HR tools. Adapt to the changing landscape of HR technology with customizable and robust HR features. 

02 Acquisition Suite
Acquisition Suite in Malaysia

Equip HR managers with tools to cultivate a growth mindset, attract high-performing talent, and establish dynamic teams for exceptional outcomes.

03 Development Suite
Development suite in Malaysia

Boost your workforce’s agility with a fully integrated HR suite that delivers a holistic perspective, the ability to grow, and the expertise to progress. 

04 Engagement Suite
Engagement suite in Malaysia

Streamline work processes using AI tools and recognize employees’ efforts through an engagement suite for a more productive workplace.

05 Finance Suite
Finance suite in Malaysia

Optimize your end-to-end compensation planning process and establish policies that match the needs of your workforce, company, and budget. 

Core HR in Malaysia Acquisition Suite in Malaysia Development suite in Malaysia Engagement suite in Malaysia Finance suite in Malaysia
What sets us apart!

Akrivia HCM—Perfection at its Finest

Modules of Akrivia HCM in Malaysia Modules of Akrivia HCM in Malaysia
Module Depth

Hassle-free solutions for employee life cycle management

Our set of 20 + modules strengthen vital functionalities such as hiring, training, engagement, and employability also work in conformity to deliver a comprehensive and definitive solution.

Mobile view of employee details in Malaysia
User Experience

Streamlined and mobile-first UX to enhance usability for the workforce across the board.

A user-centric mobile design leads to a great user experience and the added convenience of a self-service portal, where employees can manage their personal, professional, and financial details even while on the move.

Dashboard access of candidates in Malaysia Dashboard access of candidates in Malaysia

Rapid analytics dashboard access to support strategy implementation

With the help of a user-friendly dashboard, financial teams can obtain accurate data without any discrepancies, allowing them to detect and fix profit leaks, while also optimizing returns on investments and managing expenses.

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Incorporate, don't exclude

We understand the inconvenience to replace tools were in use for a considerable amount of time. We make
effort to integrate legacy systems to limit any interruptions and ensuring seamless transition.
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Equip Your Team with Mobile-First HR Technology for Greater Success

The Mobile HCM solution provides employees with seamless and intuitive user interface. Simplifying their day-to-day HR operations, allowing them to work efficiently from anywhere.

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Badges of Akrivia HCM in Asia Pacific
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Akrivia is the leading industry standard for modern HCM in Malaysia

24/7 customer support is available to support our customers with their doubts and queries. When you need help finding a helpful video, one of our experts will be more than happy to walk you through the solution. We’re proud to offer a personal service tailored just for you.

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