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Philippines has the prospects of leveraging itself into a hub of growing industries. The different industries include construction, manufacturing, business services, fast moving consumer goods, technology and communications. Human resources play a critical role in developing the industry both in efficiency and effectiveness.

Akrivia HCM offers productivity at work with futuristic ideas to redesign the businesses that could evolve with time and the global culture. Akrivia HCM is an enterprise SaaS on the cloud to engage your company’s capital from hire to retire. The cloud HCM is designed to make the work of HR more effective. The AI and ML engineered software is designed providing productive solutions to all the HR functionalities. These functionalities vary from leave management, which is an important core HR part to different parts like acquisition, development, engagement, and finance.

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Rethinking HR management to solve specific HR problem

01 Core HR
Employee Management Software Philippines

Experience a more meaningful professional life with the Core HR tools that are available to build your future workspace. Adapt to the new realities of HR systems with flexible and powerful HR functions that can help you achieve your goals.

02 Acquisition Suite
Recruitment Management Software Philippines

Equip human resource managers with the tools they need to promote a growth mindset, attract top talent, and build powerful teams that can deliver outstanding results.

03 Development Suite
Performance Management Software Phillipines

Enhance your employees’ agility with an integrated HR suite that offers an end-to-end view, scalability, and the ability to advance. With this comprehensive suite of tools, you can help your employees reach their full potential.

04 Engagement Suite
Employee Enagagement Software Philippines

Maximize work output with AI-powered tools and create a positive work environment with the Engagement Suite, which allows you to show appreciation for your valued employees.

05 Finance Suite
Payroll Management Software Philippines

Simplify your compensation planning processes with an end-to-end suite of tools that enable you to create policies that align with your workforce, company, and budget.

Employee Management Software Philippines Recruitment Management Software Philippines Performance Management Software Phillipines Employee Enagagement Software Philippines Payroll Management Software Philippines
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Best HCM systems for HR concerns

Akrivia HCM Modules philippines Akrivia HCM Modules philippines
Module Depth

Smooth solutions for the different stages of employee life cycle

Our more than 20 modules foster core functionalities like innovative hiring, productive engaging, training, and employability. It even works in alignment to offer a comprehensive and definitive solution.

Employee self-service portal Philippines Employee self-service portal Philippines
User Experience

A user-centric mobile-driven UX strategy for diverse workforce

Prioritizing mobile UX design fosters a satisfying user experience. The inclusion of a self-service portal allows employees to manage their personal, professional, and financial information on-the-go with ease.

Candidate Profiles Philippines Candidate Profiles Philippines

Quick dashboard analytics for implementing strategies

A fast and convenient dashboard enables the financial teams to retrieve accurate data without discrepancies, leading to the identification, correction, and prevention of profit leaks. Additionally, it helps maximize returns on investments and control expenses.

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Assimilate and integrate

We understand the hassle involved in replacing tools that have been utilized for a significant period of time.
Hence, we work towards offering solutions integrating legacy system to minimize disruption.
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Akrivia HCM Mobile app

Empower Your Team with HR Technology Designed with a Mobile-First Approach

The Mobile HCM solution empowers employees and managers with an intuitive and fast user interface. Helping to streamline their daily HR tasks and enables them to accomplish them with ease.

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Philippines is a focal point for advanced human resource planning

A 24/7 customer support is available to support our customers with their doubts and queries. At times when you may not find a helpful video, one of our experts will be more than happy to walk you through the solution. We’re proud to offer a personal service that’s tailored just for you.

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