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Empowering your workforce with
tailored HCM solutions

With Singapore enterprises’ rapidly growing international presence, legacy HR systems are simply not cutting it. That’s where Akrivia HCM comes in.

With game-changing AI and ML – based  insights delivered with 20+ modules. Working seamlessly together to address every stage of the employee life cycle. Akrivia comes specifically engineered for Singapore’s fast-growing enterprises. Any nuanced culture-specific problem you are facing at your Singapore-based enterprise, Akrivia HCM will solve it within a few clicks via mobile-first platform.

With 100+ restful APIs creating a seamless workflow and a Gen-Z-friendly UX replacing tediousness with leisure. Akrivia HCM is becoming the HRMS of choice for every smart Singapore-based HR manager and CXO.

Everything you need, all in one place!

Revolutionize modern HR with people management tools

01 Core HR
Employee Management Suite Singapore

Construct a future workplace that brings purpose to your career through advanced HR tools. Adapt to the changing landscape of HR technology with customizable and robust HR features.

02 Acquisition Suite
Recruitment Management Suite Singapore

Equip HR managers with tools to cultivate a growth mindset, attract high-performing talent, and establish dynamic teams for exceptional outcomes.

03 Development Suite
Performance Management Suite Singapore

Boost your workforce’s agility with a fully integrated HR suite that delivers a holistic perspective, the ability to grow, and the expertise to progress.

04 Engagement Suite
Employee Engagement Suite Singapore

Streamline work processes using AI tools and recognize employees’ efforts through an engagement suite for a more productive workplace.

05 Finance Suite
Payroll Management Suite Singapore

Optimize your end-to-end compensation planning process and establish policies that match the needs of your workforce, company, and budget.

Employee Management Suite Singapore Recruitment Management Suite Singapore Performance Management Suite Singapore Employee Engagement Suite Singapore Payroll Management Suite Singapore
What sets us apart!

Revitalizing legacy HR systems with
innovative people management tools

Modules In Mobile App Singapore Modules In Mobile App Singapore
Module Depth

Easy solutions for various stages of employee life cycle

Our range of 20+ modules enhance vital functionalities such as hiring, training, engagement, and employability also work in conformity to deliver a comprehensive and definitive solution. 

Self Service Portal Singapore
User Experience

A user-friendly and mobile-centric user experience for employees throughout the organization

The mobile-first UX prioritizes user-friendliness, resulting in a positive user experience. It also enables employees to access a self-service portal and manage their personal, professional, and financial information while on the move. 

Candidate Profiles Singapore

Analytics dashboard for implementing strategies with quick access

The financial team can access an easy-to-use dashboard that provides precise data without discrepancies, enabling them to identify, correct, and prevent profit leaks while maximizing returns on investments and monitoring expenses.

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Merge and enhance, not replace

We empathize with the challenges that come with replacing tools that have been in use for a long time. That's why
we make it our goal to integrate legacy systems to minimize disruptions and ensure a smooth transition.
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Optimize your end-to-end compensation planning with Akrivia HCM

The Mobile HCM solution offers process and establish policies that match the needs of your workforce, company, and budget. Enabling employees and managers to tackle their HR responsibilities swiftly.

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Akrivia is the industry standard for modern HCM

24/7 customer support is available to support our customers with their doubts and queries. When you need help finding a helpful video, one of our experts will be more than happy to walk you through the solution. We’re proud to offer a personal service tailored just for you.

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