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Top Retail HR Challenges

Key hurdles for HRs in the Retail Sector in Singapore

High Turnover Rates

Retaining employees in the retail sector - known for its high turnover rates – has been a persistent issue for employers. Finding and keeping top talent is crucial for achieving lasting success in the dynamic retail sector.

Shift and Time Management

Rotating shifts in different retail locations are common in the retail industry. Keeping track and monitoring of individual employee hours, attendance and leaves across numerous locations, both onsite and remote, requires HR to maneuver complex policies.

Lack of Integrated Database

Multiple retail outlets and warehouses have their own manual records of employees, often stored in a system on location. Without a centralized database of employee information, records are dispersed across the retailer’s locations. This is a challenge for the corporate office when they want to access sensitive data and information related to employees.

Built to Simplify Complex HR Management in Retail

Employee Self-service Portal

Akrivia’s ESS portal allows employees to access their records instantly, keep track of all activities, manage attendance and leaves.

Time and Attendance Tracking System

Enable employees to mark attendance from any location and track their hours precisely through geotagging and geofencing

Easy Mobile App Access

A convenient mobile app lets employees apply for leaves, monitor their attendance, and download pay slips.

Contract Management for Seasonal Workforce

Retailers can meet seasonal demand for additional workforce with efficient contract management

Strategize to Improve Your Retail Employee Experience

Precisely Track Employee Attendance

Our HCM platform empowers retailers with a centralized attendance tracking system to monitor employee’s hours in real time. Sync attendance data with payroll, automate time and attendance tracking to view employee data

  • Create custom shift schedules for multiple locations
  • Effortlessly sync attendance with payroll
  • Geofencing and geotagging options
Effective Leave Management

Effective Leave Management

Formulate and implement different leave policies for a diverse workforce, according to their unique requirements across locations

  • Manage leaves and holidays using a central dashboard
  • Automate leave approval workflows
  • Create custom leave policies for different retail locations
Improved Employee Experience and Engagement

Improved Employee Experience and Engagement

Work to improve employee retention using a robust reward system which recognizes individual employee contributions. Provide timely appraisals, bonuses and incentives to enhance employee experience.

  • Integrate bonuses and incentives with payroll
  • Save time on tedious tasks using our AI-powered chatbot
  • Celebrate small victories using the robust reward system
Advanced Analytics and Reports

Advanced Analytics and Reports

Run analytics on leave and attendance trends to create detailed reports. Use Akrivia’s integrated dashboard to produce department-specific reports and drive strategy decisions.

  • Department-specific reports
  • Leave frequency trends
  • Attendance data and analytics using the dashboard

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“Akrivia HCM has been ‘nothing short of transformative’. The user-friendly interface of Akrivia has significantly simplified our HR processes.”

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