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Form 24G collects data on TDS for Account Officers. The AO needs to submit the details to the DDO to process the TDS. The AO must complete a form with a fixed format to file the tax deduction details. When a non-salaried or salaried person is not a resident of the country, or liable to pay tax but is not a salaried employee, has to be processed, and the AO must submit the details of the deduction in it.

Features of Form 24G:

  1. An AO furnishes it monthly for the bills prepared by the Drawing and Disbursing Officer (DDO) to be processed.
  2.  Companies must complete each type of deduction form, such as TDS-Non-Salary Non-Residents/TDS Non-Salary/TCS/TDS-Salary.
  3. The State Government requires the District Treasury Officer to fill out the form.
  4.  You must provide the DDO’s ten-digit TAN and seven-digit AIN to make a payment.
  5. When you file your tax return via Tax Information Network (TIN FC), you must submit a Statement Statistic Report. The AO must also sign it.
  6.  If the AO (PAO) is also the DDO and information about this is in the statement, then the statistic report must be countersigned by his immediate superior.

Contents of Form 24G:

  • Statement details (time by month and year for filling the form).
  • Details of the DTO/AO filling the form (name, AIN, contact, and demographic information).
  • AO category (State/Central Government) and the state/ministry details.
  • DDO wise payment information (DDO’s TAN, demographics, name, total deductions, and remittance to the government account)
  • Summary of payment i.e., the deduction type (TDS non-salary/non-salary non-resident/salary/TCS)

Things to consider when filing Form 24G:

  • A responsible person is the one who has to fill out the form. The appointment is to be made by the TO (Treasury Officer), PAO (Pay and Accounts), or CDDO (Cheque Drawing and Disbursing Officer).
  • Only four entries are permitted in a month for each DDO.
  • You have to submit the form electronically.
  • You have to mention the details of the DDO as well, along with the form.
  • Also, the details of the responsible person and AO are necessary.

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