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EPF (Employee Provident Fund) is a scheme for private and Public sector employees who contribute a minimal amount for future purposes. As mentioned in the Employee provident fund act 1952; an employee has to submit form 19 for full and final settlement of the Provident fund. It is applicable only if the employee is willing to leave the job or is in a state of retirement.

An employee can submit a form 19 even if you don’t know a UAN number. The only thing you should consider is the PF account number. If you have any PF amount you want to withdraw, you must submit form 19 to claim the provident fund.

Here are important things to consider while submitting form 19:

·      Must have registered the EPF account before the PF claim.

·      Employee date of leaving service

·      To claim the final settlement of payroll, you must need a PAN number

·      The signature of the employee and organisation seal need to authorise the offline payroll settlement.


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