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Form 15G is an Indian tax declaration form used by individuals to prevent tax deduction at source (TDS) on certain types of income. Individuals with a source of income but are not liable to pay taxes on that income use it. Form 15G is applicable for residents below the age of 60 years and have an estimated total income for the financial year that falls below the taxable limit.

Eligibility for Using Form 15G

  • An individual must be a resident of India.
  • An individual age must be below 60 years.
  • An individual tax liability calculated on your taxable income for the applicable Financial Year is nil.
  • The total interest income from fixed deposits in an FY is less than the basic exemption limit, i.e., less than ₹2.5 lakh.

How to fill form 15G

Here are the steps on how to fill Form 15G:

  1. Download the form from the Income Tax Department website or any other trusted source.
  2. Enter your name and PAN number as they appear on your PAN card.
  3. Enter your income tax status, which can be Individual/ HUF/ AOP.
  4. Select the previous year for which you are claiming the non-deduction of TDS.
  5. Enter your complete residential address, including your PIN code.
  6. Provide your email ID and phone number for further communications.
  7. Tick the “Yes” box if you were assessed to tax under the Income Tax Act, 1961, for any previous assessment years.
  8. Enter the latest assessment year for which you were assessed to tax.

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