Unleashing the Power of AI in HR: Elevating Business Success and Impact


In a constantly evolving world defined by technology and global connectivity, HR’s role goes beyond administrative tasks. Recent research highlights the significant impact of AI-driven HR strategies. Organizations that strategically leverage AI can achieve higher employee productivity and build workforce agility. AI-powered HR Transformation, facilitated by seamless integration of HCM systems, is a catalyst for redefining HR’s role as strategic partners.

To dive deeper into how organizations can strategically leverage the power and potential of AI, here is a webcast that brings together some of the top industry leaders, sharing their valuable insights on the following points:

  • Critical considerations for HR when adopting advanced AI technologies
  • Strategies to seamlessly integrate AI-powered HR Tech into the organizational culture
  • Empowering leaders to strike the right balance between human touch and AI
  • How organizations can address concerns about job security with the rise of AI
  • Effective methods for measuring the impact of AI-powered HR Tech on business outcomes

Panel Members

Srinivas Reddy P

SVP & Head of Human Resources,
Pristyn Care

Nikhil Bhat Inanjai

Vice President Operations,
Akrivia HCM

Pooja Minocha

Vice President HR & CHRO,
Bata India Limited

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