Sustaining the human connect: How to leverage people analytics with greater foresight?

TUESDAY, 27th SEPTEMBER | 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM IST

Data continues to be one of the greatest and prominent storytellers when it comes to your workplace becoming future ready. And while there is active agreement on the value of people analytics for your organisation’s continued growth in the face of the unprecedented, HR leaders must proceed with caution. Data-driven insights will state the fundamentally raw truths but the heart of every organisation is its people. Even in the face of hard data, decision makers have to recognise how the human element might get eclipsed in the process of blind reliance on people analytics.

In order to truly reap the benefits of people analytics, it is imperative that HR leaders have greater foresight and recognise how the data can accommodate the human touch. With the agenda of creating a work culture that brings together the data and people-driven judgement, People Matters and Akrivia HCM excitedly bring to you this webcast that touches upon the following elements:

  • The benefits that have yielded from the increased use of people analytics
  • What are some of the employee-centric elements that the data might not capture?
  • Overcoming biases in the workplace technology systems and solution
  • The significance of the human element in the data driven culture
  • Re-inventing data-driven decision making to sustain the human touch

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    Panel Members

    Ranjan Kumar-Akrivia HCM-People Analytics Webinar Speaker
    Ranjan Kumar

    Digital Transformation Advocate,
    Akrivia HCM

    Nishikant Tayade
    Nishikant Tayade

    General Manager - Human Resources,
    Banswara Syntex

    Arnab K Ganguly
    Mr. Arnab K Ganguly

    Director - Business Transformation,
    Adecco India

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