Empowering a data culture at your workplace: What are the key strategies?

THURSDAY, APRIL 14th | 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM IST

When times are unpredictable, what guides organisations in the present and enables them to carve inroads into the future of growth is data. But in spite of the increased urgency of building a data driven culture to enable strategic insights backed by people analytics, data literacy tends to be a limited skill set. This is why businesses are yet to fully embrace digital platforms and mine valuable reflections from the vast and endless information collected. And although organisations are investing efforts in upskilling their employees to become data literate, it is crucial that they communicate the significance of a data culture to truly drive that impact and engineer that growth.

What businesses need is an organisation of data storytellers to become a future ready workforce that is agile and innovative. To empower organisations in building a data driven workplace, People Matters and Akrivia HCM are excited to bring to you this webcast that will delve into the following points:

  • The urgency of a data driven organisation in the age of digital disruption
  • What are the ingredients that make up a data culture?
  • The challenges that remain that the myths to break around data literacy
  • Blueprint to enhance and empower data literacy in your workforce
  • How data storytelling can create impactful business strategies

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    Panel Members

    Ranjan Kumar-Akrivia HCM-People Analytics Webinar Speaker

    Ranjan Kumar

    Chief Learning Officer,
    Akrivia HCM

    Radhika Arora

    Radhika Arora

    VP & Group CHRO,
    Jakson Group

    Amit Sharma

    Amit Sharma

    Volvo Group

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