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Employee Joining Form – Non-Disclosure Agreement

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What is an Appointment Letter?

An appointment letter is a document issued to the employees as proof of employment. It is given to the employee after completing a reasonable duration in that organization. An offer letter is also considered an appointment letter, but the difference lies in its format. While an offer letter mainly seeks to confirm the details of salary and other benefits, an appointment letter informs about the employee’s role, job location, hours, benefits, and perks. Appointment letters are used in different situations such as:

  • To be shared in-depth job-related information with the employee
  • Ensures to uphold employment confirmation of the employee
  • Can be a valid proof of employment to an outsider

Why is an Appointment Letter Important ?

This appointment letter is one of the essential employment-related information a company issues. It should be concise and include crucial details of your new employee’s position, benefits, salary, and any offer they may have received. The letter should also be formatted to perfectly match the style guide you have established for your business. Even if everything seems perfect on paper, always triple-check before issuing it. A memorandum that fails to meet company standards can hurt your brand image and reputation

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