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What is work from home?

WFH stands for Work from Home, an arrangement where employees remotely perform their duties, typically from their homes. WFH can be full-time, part-time, or occasional, depending on the employee’s role and the company’s policies.

Benefits of work from home

WFH become most popular in recent years as technology has made it easier and more efficient for employees to work remotely. WFH offers many benefits for both employees and employers, including:

  • Flexibility and work-life balance: WFH can give employees more flexibility in their work schedules and allow them to balance their work and personal lives better.
  • Reduced commuting time and costs: WFH can save employees time and money.
  • Increased productivity: Studies have shown that WFH employees can be more productive than those who work in an office setting.
  • Reduced overhead costs: WFH can save employers money on office space and other overhead expenses.

WFH Considerations for HR Professionals

HR professionals play an essential role in supporting WFH employees. Some of the critical considerations for HR professionals include:

  • Developing and implementing WFH policies and procedures: HR professionals should develop and implement clear and concise WFH policies and procedures that cover topics such as eligibility, equipment requirements, cybersecurity, and communication expectations.
  • Providing training and support to WFH employees: HR professionals should provide training and support to WFH employees on topics such as time management, productivity, and communication.
  • Creating a culture of inclusion and support for WFH employees: HR professionals should develop a culture of inclusion and support for WFH employees. This includes ensuring that WFH employees access the same resources and opportunities as office-based employees.


WFH is a growing trend in the workplace, and HR professionals play an essential role in supporting WFH employees. By developing and implementing clear WFH policies and procedures, providing training and support to WFH employees, and creating a culture of inclusion and support, HR professionals can help WFH employees to be successful and productive.

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