What is Social HR? | Meaning & Definition | Akrivia HCM

Social HR is a new way of managing personnel needs and processes. Businesses are increasingly turning to social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more, as a way to learn about prospective employees and to spread their message. Social HR solutions bring this “social” experience into the HR department, allowing managers and employees to connect in various ways, including photo sharing and live video conferencing. With features such as custom dashboards for each employee with the most pertinent information in one place (including communication statistics), rules-based dashboards that offer real-time alerts (including viewing an employee’s recent behaviors), roll-up analytics that compiles performance data based on specific metrics over time, proactive recommendations based on rules/calendars/metrics, fully customizable dashboards (to include preferred metrics/team members / personal contacts), and live video conference functionality from within the software, SocialHR provides companies with complete Human Resource Management Solutions.

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