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What is a Relieving Letter?

A relieving letter is a formal relieving document confirming that your employment ended on mutually agreeable terms. The letter typically outlines essential details about your former employment. Those are tenure of service/duration, reasons for terminating, salary information, applicable notice period (if any), references, and more. Moreover, a relieving letter clarifies your work experience if needed for further employment opportunities.

When Do You Need A Relieving Letter?

You should always request a relieving document before resigning from your job. While it may be optional in some cases, in many organizations, it’s mandatory to submit this relieving document during exit formalities. So, ask HR personnel about this requirement during resignation proceedings if required.

How To Get A Relieving Letter With No Dues?

An employee can end their association on good terms with their current employer by submitting an application. For an issue-of-a-No Dues Certificate (in some companies, also known as No Objection Certificate – NOC), Make sure to keep written records confirming all payments & final settlements if needed.

Also note: If you are relocating out of town or country, acquire copies of documents like Bank Passbooks & Fixed Deposit Certificates, etc., because they could be hard to obtain later once you have moved elsewhere! Once issued, timely submit both documents to the HR Department– Copy yourself & maintain silence original safely in personal records —for future reference!

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