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Job ranking is a method of ranking job positions compared to others within an organization. The job ranking system depends on evaluating the job position based on the ability of skills.

Job ranking can help you determine which jobs are most critical to your organization’s success. It’s clear to understand how much time you should devote to each job and what skills are necessary for success in each role.

Steps of a Job Ranking process:

  1. Gather job information – The first step in developing a job evaluation ranking is job analysis. Job analysis is the process of collecting and documenting information about the job. This includes defining the job position, describing the tasks, identifying skills and knowledge required for each task or responsibility. And determining how much time people spend on various tasks or responsibilities per day or week, and any other information that will help you develop your ranking system.
  2. Group jobs by cluster –  It is only possible to rank some jobs in an organization at once. So the usual procedure is to rank jobs by department in order to avoid direct comparisons.
  3. Select the compensable factors – Clearly explain the definition of whatever factors you are considering to the evaluators.
  4. Job ranking – The next step is to rank the jobs in order of importance using a simple technique called card ranking. Here, each raters are given a set of index cards containing a brief job description. The lowest ranking card is placed at the bottom of its stack, and each subsequent card is placed on top of it in numerical order. 
  5. Combine ratings – It is common practice to have several raters rank jobs independently. The next step in the process is to classify all the jobs in a particular group by considering common features such as similar duties and skills required for each job. Once accomplished, the rating committee calculates the average of these rankings.

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