What is a Job Description?

A job description is a detailed written statement outlining the job’s main objectives, activities, and responsibilities.

A well-written job description will:

  • Clearly define the set of tasks and duties that a worker needs to do to complete their jobs correctly
  • Describe clearly and accurately the duties and skills required by the job
  • Explain what performance levels are expected
  • Provide input as to whether training is needed or not
  • Provide data regarding salary range.

How do you write a job description?

Before you write a job description, make sure you have a specific job to describe. A job description is not something you write first and then look for someone to fill in.

The reason for a job description is to help find the right person for the job. It should be honest and accurately reflect what the candidate can expect.

Job descriptions often seem written in English, but they are not. They are written in Job Description Language (JDL). Each organization and department have their dialect of JDL, so you must learn yours and follow its rules. If you try to speak standard English, candidates will think you are describing someone else’s job or something wrong with your company.

Treating JDL as a programming language is usually helpful. JDL is a little like HTML: there are a limited number of tags (e.g., “requires” and “must”); values can be given for some titles (e.g., “3-5 years experience”); and some tags take lists instead of single numbers (e.g., “good communication skills” instead of “excellent communication skills”).

What do you mean by job description?

The job description is a paper document that describes the duties, qualifications, salary, and other job details. It helps candidates understand whether they are suitable for the job.

It allows the hiring authority to feel that the candidate is ideal for the job. Job descriptions are more than just a way of defining the tasks at hand and the mandated roles an employee is expected to take. It also gives an idea of how the company views the role, whether they expect it to be temporary or permanent.

It is a way of outlining what they need you to do, so they can decide if they are interested in hiring you, how much they would be willing to pay you and what benefits would come with it. Often, an employer will require you to send them a job description before being considered for a position.

What are the main objectives of a job description?

The main objectives of a job description are –

  • To clearly convey the job role and expectations to the applicants.
  • Describe the role clearly and share the necessary skills required for it
  • Encourage the right candidates to apply and ask unsuitable candidates to refrain from applying.
  • Let the HRs and recruiters know how to evaluate the candidate’s performance and hire accordingly.
  • Ensure the role is rightly filled and prevent bad hire.

Why are job descriptions important?

Job Description is a document that reports what a job entails and requires from the person who performs the said task. It is an essential tool for both the organization and the applicant.

And it’s also essential for an organization because it can help them set clear expectations and be transparent with their employees right from the start.

To write a good Job Description, employers must understand (their) business goals or what they are trying to achieve by hiring someone new in the team. After this, employers must identify the competencies needed for attaining those goals and decide what skills, experiences, and personal qualities should be possessed by the ideal candidate for them to hire.

How to write a Job description?

Job descriptions commonly include the job’s title, duties, and qualifications. The job title is what it will call a person in that job, such as a chef. The duties include the main tasks done by the person in the position.

The qualifications are needed to perform the functions or activities within the job description. For example, someone who has worked as a chef for many years might have all the qualifications required for that specific position. A job description also includes information about how the title holder (person who holds the position) fits into an organization. It also provides information about where a person having such a position will work and live if employed.

What does a job description look like?

A job description is an official, written statement of the duties, responsibilities, and requirements of a particular job. Writing a job description usually includes:

Job title: The official name of the job.

Name of position: A short description of the job.

Assignment: The department or agency where you will work.

Employment status: part-time, full-time, temporary, or permanent.

The geographical location of employment: City, county, state, and country size. Salary: Hourly wage and salary range.

Duties and responsibilities: The actual work involved in the position. It will include the specific tasks you will be expected to perform and your schedule for completing those tasks.

Scheduling: Hours worked per day and days worked per week, including on-call hours if applicable.

Training and experience requirements: The qualifications for becoming employed in this position. This section should detail any education (formal training) and experience (on-the-job training) required for the specific job being described. If any skills are not necessary but would make you a stronger candidate for this position, they should also be noted here.

Job Description - FAQs

What is the difference between job description and job responsibilities?

A job description contains all the details about a position. It explains what a job entails like the requirements, responsibilities, the team, salary & benefits, etc. While job responsibilities are a part of job description describing what the role requires.

What are the main duties of a job description?

Job duties or main duties refers to the part of the job description which conveys the duties a candidate will have to do for the required role. It covers the duties, intricacies and skills that are required for the job.

How to write a good job description?

A good job description includes a clear title about the job, then a well-defined section of job duties and skills. Including the salary details and the work time also ensures that the right candidates apply for the job.

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