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Job boards are one of the most cost-effective recruiting tools for HR departments and recruiters. They allow them to post open positions with relevant contact details and often have a standardized job application platform that enables candidates to apply directly.

Advantages of using a job board

 Job board is a common way to advertise job openings

The most effective way to attract potential candidates is to use a job board. Most job boards are user-friendly and allow applicants to complete the application process quickly using simple tabs and buttons. Job boards often integrate with applicant tracking systems (ATS), such as Akrivia HCM. This integration can streamline the application process for candidates, improving their experience.

 Job board provides access to resume databases

A job board provides access to resume databases, allowing employers and recruiters to search for specific skills within a specific organization. Applicants can sign up on job boards and upload their resumes, so recruiters can access relevant resumes helping them find new employees at no cost. This enables proactive hiring by allowing recruiters to contact professionals that aren’t looking for jobs yet but are high-potential candidates.

 Job board allow employers to build their brands

Employers can use job boards like Glassdoor and LinkedIn to build their brands and connect with candidates. Employers can create company pages on these sites, showcasing their vision and culture, which allows them to identify applicants who would be good cultural fits.

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