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It is an important phase of the selection procedure where a discussion happens between a potential candidate and the employer to assess whether he/she is the right fit for the company or not. The interview helps the employer to understand the personality, character, skills, and knowledge of the job-seeker. The companies mostly ask questions from a structure to get the details. Every organization has a different style to know the interviewee. Some companies start the interview from the first interaction, and some companies schedule it at the last phase of hiring. 

Types of interviews: 

  • Structured: It is a type of interview where the employer asks the same questions to every potential candidate. It is based on experience and has a fixed type of questions.  
  • Unstructured: This is a type where the interview has no direction; the employer can ask anything spontaneously. For this, you have to be very attentive to understand what the interviewer is asking and where you are driving the entire conversation.  
  • Situational: In this type of interview, the employer creates a hypothetical situation and asks the candidate to deal with it and bring a solution.  
  • Behavioral: It is a technique where employers evaluate the character and personality of the person. It also helps them understand their past experiences and how he/she will perform in an unexpected situation.  
  • Technical: This is created to assess the technical knowledge related to the job role. Technical interviews are common in organizations that give an overall view of the job seeker’s expertise.  
  • One to One: Here, only one interviewer asks the questions to applicant. Here, the person can ask technical, general, behavioral, and situational questions. It is an excellent technique to learn about the interviewee related to past experiences, personality traits, state of mind, etc.   


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