A grievance interview is a meeting held between a company’s management and one or more of its employees to discuss concerns regarding company policy, procedure, practice, or personnel. Human resources professionals are often charged with conducting employee interviews, which can help mitigate or eliminate misunderstandings between parties.

Employees can request a grievance if they are not happy with some policy and work. The employee must write down the issue and submit it to the appropriate management department to initiate the process. The employee can appeal a discipline by providing a written grievance to an immediate supervisor, a human resources rep, or an Equal Employment Opportunity officer at the company. Grievance interviews can be difficult, and determining the steps to take in response to an incident of discrimination or harassment requires knowledge, experience, and careful reflection.

Steps in the process of grievance interview

  1. An investigation by HR: HR will go through the raised complaint and investigate deeply to understand the personal view of employees about the concerned policy.
  2. Face to face interview: The interviewer will listen to the employee’s side of the story and then confirm with the employee the details of the complaint it is important to ask questions to discover all of the facts.
  3. Post-interview: The HR rep may have to consult with the EEO officer or other supervisors before taking the decision.


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