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If you have PF deposited under EPFO then you’re registered for both the Employee Provident Fund (EPF) and Employee Pension Scheme (EPS) but you must complete the KYC process to apply for pension. Form 10D is used to sanction the amount saved under the EPS. In this scheme, employees can claim the pension when they retire at the age of 58 or older. However, pension rules are different for everyone. To make it easier, we will list all the segments that are important to know. For example, how to download it, what it is used for and why you need it, who can apply, etc.

What is Form 10D?

Form 10D is like a pension withdrawal form post-retirement, but it can only be submitted when you are 58 years old or after the age of 50. The member or their nominee has to fill and submit the form through the employer to the EPFO. Also, applying for a pension after retirement is an offline process.

The compensation of your pension depends on the duration of your employment, your monthly salary, and when you retire. If you retire before age 50, your pension will be reduced by 4 percent every year you are younger than 50.

How to apply for Form 10D?

Form 10D can be filed only offline and give the desired details for registering:

  • The name of the person who claimed it.
  • Registered member of EPF
  • Widower or widow
  • Minor or orphan
  • Guardian of the minor
  • The EPF nominee
  • The parent who is dependent

Different types of claimed pension:

These are different types of pensions that a person can apply for:

  • Superannuation Pension: You can claim a pension monthly after retiring at 58 age.
  • Reduced Pension: The member will receive a reduced mention amount if they take retirement before the age of 58.
  • Disablement Pension: If you are disabled, you can claim the pension before completing 58 years.
  • Widow and Children’s pension: If the member has died, their family members like their spouse and kids can also claim a pension.
  • Orphan Pension: Up to the age of 25, the member’s orphan can also claim a monthly pension.
  • Nominee Pension: If the employee dies, then their nominee person can also claim the pension monthly.
  • Dependent Parent Pension: If the employee has a dependent pension, they can apply for it after the death of a member.

Personal Details

  • Member’s Name (In Block Letters)
  • Sex
  • Marital Status
  • Date of Birth/ Age
  • Name of the father or spouse

Details of the EPF Account

  • Account Number of the EPF
  • RO
  • Office
  • Code Number of the establishment
  • Account Number
  • Name and Address of the last working company

Date of last working: Mention the last working day at your previous organization.

Reason for Leaving Service: State the reason for leaving the company

Address of Communication: Mention the Address to communicate

In the case of Reduced Pension

  • Mention the Date, Month, and also the Year

The opportunity of getting 1/3 of the Pension amount: The retired member can either get the total capital amount or receive 30% of the amount and leave the rest for the monthly pension.

Choose a suitable option.

  • Yes
  • or No

Option for Return of Capital: You can also withdraw your total pension once.

Nominee Details for Return of Capital

  • Name
  • Relation
  • Date of Birth
  • Member’s Address
  • Family details
  • Name of the nominee
  • Date of Birth of the nominee
  • Nominee’s relationship with the member
  • In case of a Minor: If the nominee is a minor, you have to mention the guardian’s name and the relation with the member.
  • In case the minor is facing some disability, you have to mention ‘DISABLED’ below their name.

Date of Death of Member (if applicable)

Details of Bank Accounts Opened

  • Name of the Bank
  • Name of the Branch
  • Full postal Address & pin code
  • Furthermore, attach a copy of a canceled cheque

If the nominee prefers the claim, indicate their

  • Name of the nominee
  • Relationship with the member

Scheme certificate

  • Details in the case have the certificate
  • or enclosed, or you can choose not received or not applicable
  • If you have the certificate, you have to mention these details:
    Control Number of the Scheme Certificate and the person who issued it

If you are drawing pension under EPS 1995

  • PPO Number
  • Issued by RO/ SRO
  • Documents Enclosed (Indicate as per the Instructions)

Certify at the end

  • The details are true and correct.
  • Date and Place
  • A signature or Left-Hand Thumb Impression of the Applicant
  • Signature of the Employer

Eligibility for Form 10D

You can claim your EPF Form 10 D if you:

  • If you are a salaried employee and a member of EPFO.
  • If you are a widow or widower, you should consider joining the EPFO.
  • If you are a nominee.
  • If you are a minor or an orphan and have your family members register as EPF members, you can still benefit from their contributions.
  • If you are an EPF member’s guardian.

Things that are important when applying for Form 10D

For getting pension after retirement under eps-95 the member must submit form 10D. By using Unified Member Portal, the member can submit the form online and offline. When submitting the form 10D online the member should follow some instructions.

  • Linking your UAN with your Aadhar number and bank KYC is a must
  • and you must activate your UAN number.
  • Ensure your profile photo is up-to-date and your phone number is working, and
  • E-signature should be used to e-nominate.
  • Always update your employment history with the date of your employment start and departure.
  • You must have served for a minimum of 10 years.

The required documents for Form 10D

  • The pensioner’s description of his specimen signature/thumb impression is enclosed with the claim form.
  • Three passport-sized snapshots are required.
  • Before being declared permanently and disabled by the Medical Board appointed by the EPFO, employees must first undergo a complete medical examination. To apply, the person must attach necessary documents to the form.
  • When a member retires or dies, the establishment must issue a certificate detailing what the member is entitled to.
  • If an authorized officer is not available, the application may be forwarded through any magistrate, gazetted officer, bank manager, or other person approved by the Commissioner.


To claim the monthly pension from the Employers’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO), you must fill in Form 10D, and any member of EPFO can do that. We hope you are aware of this informative blog’s essential details. We also answered some of the general questions related to Form 10D.

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