What is a Food coupon?

Food Coupons are vouchers given by organizations to their employees. These coupons are provided for purchasing food or meals from designated outlets or cafeterias within or near the organization’s premises. With this perk, companies help their employees save money if they want to have a decent meal at their convenience.

Differentiate food allowance from food coupons

A food allowance is a fixed amount of cash given by the organization to cover their food expenses. It gives employees flexibility in how they spend the allocated amount. They can purchase food from any vendor or location they choose, including restaurants, groceries, or cafes.

While food coupons are prepaid vouchers provided by the company to use at specific places during working hours. They save you from spending your own money by managing the expenses, potentially at a lower cost.

Though these are a part of employee compensation package, it is better to carefully understand its terms and conditions that may apply depending on the organization

Food Coupons – FAQs

What are food coupons in CTC?

In the context of CTC, food coupons are a part of employee benefits package where the employer provides coupons that can be used to purchase food or meals. These coupons are typically part of non-monetary benefits aimed at enhancing employee well-being.

How do I claim a food coupon?

Firstly, review your company’s policy on food coupons to understand how they are claimed. Once you receive your food coupons, check for the expiry date or restrictions on its use. Keep the necessary documentation for redeeming coupons, especially if they are reimbursable or part of an expense claim process.

Are food coupons taxable?

Yes, food coupons provided by the company are usually considered taxable income and are subject to income tax laws.

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