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E-recruitment is a process of identifying, attracting, screening, and hiring candidates through online sources. E-recruiting can involve different sourcing methods such as job aggregator sites (job search engines) and social media platforms that consolidate job postings from across the internet. It also incorporates online resumes through search engine optimization (SEO). A cloud-based human resources system tracks candidate applications and utilizes automated recruiting software to compare competencies with the job requirements.

How can E-recruitment be conducted?

There are five main ways to conduct e-recruitment:
1. Post on the company portal about job openings.
2. Source potential candidates via third-party applications or professional social media platforms.
3. To conduct interviews, use video conferencing software.
4. Both written and verbal tests can be conducted online using surveys, written questionnaires, and pre-recorded video interviews.
5. Create job boards to advertise job offerings online.

How does E-recruitment work?

E-recruitment is preferred when time is a critical constraint and in situations where less capital can be spent on the recruitment process. It saves the hassle and makes the process more effective. It is becoming increasingly valuable for the present day of work environment where most people are located elsewhere due to the disruption brought about by the pandemic in the work setting.

What are the advantages of E-recruitment?

The advantages of using e-recruitment systems are listed below:
1. Time-saving
2. Cost-efficient
3. Hassle free
4. Sophisticated software utilization
5. Effective
6. Enables candidates from various places to apply
7. Wider reach for employers and candidates

Is E-recruitment a formal or informal procedure?

E-recruitment is a procedure made up of multiple steps beginning from creating a job description to the end of the interview and hiring process. However, these steps are quite similar to the live/offline recruitment process. Therefore, e-recruitment does not compromise on the quality of the recruitment procedure, and it is exactly similar to the live/offline recruitment process except the fact that it is conducted online. Therefore, it remains very much formal.

What makes E-recruitment different from a traditional recruitment process?

E-recruitment is considered more effective and accurate since it uses software applications. When compared with traditional recruitment processes, E-recruitment saves more time and is less expensive. This helps the organization improve its productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness while solving its talent needs.

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