What is Domestic Inquiry?

Domestic inquiry within human resources is the process of gathering facts and data about an employee; this may be for disciplinary measures, compliance, or legal concerns. HR agents need to approach the domestic inquiry professionally. It will affect the result of any actions considered about the information discovered and whether any action may be necessary.

Objectives of domestic enquiry

Domestic inquiry is often carried out when an employer levels charges against an employee due to misconduct. The main objectives of domestic enquiry are:

  • Ensuring a safe work environment
  • Adhering to the workplace code of conduct
  • Dispute resolution
  • Timely investigation
  • Prevention of bullying or discrimination at workplace

What is the process of a domestic enquiry?

  • A Preliminary inquiry is done into the charges faced by the employee. If the enquiry committee finds evidence backing up the charges, they take the case forward. But if they don’t find enough evidence against the employee, the charges are dropped.
  • If the preliminary inquiry finds evidence of misconduct, then a Charge sheet is filed against the employee, which contains employee name, ID, allegations, date & time, etc.
  • Service of the charge sheet should be delivered to the employee with two witnesses in attendance.
  • The accused will then respond to the charge sheet by either denying the allegations or accepting it. If they deny it, the enquiry committee will carry out a trial against the employee.
  • The enquiry committee then gathers relevant evidence for the case and the employee/ their defender disputes the evidence. After the enquiry the committee submits their report to the employer.
  • The committee does not have the right to pass the judgment, but that power only lies with the employer.


What is the time limit for domestic inquiry?

There is no fixed time limit for domestic inquiries, but the committee should process the inquiry fast (within 6 months).

What is the purpose of domestic inquiry?

A domestic inquiry is a process of information gathering and analysis, wherein the committee determines the innocence of an employee.

What is disciplinary action?

It is a response by the employer towards an employee due to their misconduct.

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