When an employee report someone who is on a higher designation according to the organizational hierarchy is known as direct reports. They can be a manager, supervisor, and team leader who are responsible for assigning work and monitoring performance. A direct reportee is the person assigned to a supervisor. The person receives work assignments and works under the direction of their superior, who also monitors their overall work and provides feedback.

Large businesses tend to use direct reports with a traditional management system with many departments. They assign authority to each department, with several direct reports that may oversee their staff. Positions at the upper levels of the business hierarchy are almost always intended to have direct reports.

To delegate tasks and monitor performance, businesses use a direct-reports system. Direct reports help perform the core tasks of an organization to help it reach its overall goal. In this system, employees are assigned to supervisors who supervise them closely. Because large companies have many demands, they often have an organizational structure.

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