What is Dead end job? | Meaning & Definition | Akrivia HCM

A dead-end job is when there is little or no opportunity for advancement into a better one. If an employee needs additional education to advance within their company, but it is impossible to attain for any reason, the job may be classed as a dead-end job.

Dead-end occupations have little or no chance of advancement or compensation in the future. Employment with a low service-to-pay ratio, such as long hours and limited vacation time combined with minimum wage pay, are frequently identified as dead-end jobs.

Jobs that aren’t generally thought of as dead-ends can become so for reasons other than the job itself, such as an autocratic boss who doesn’t like the employee and passes them up for promotion. The position is a dead-end for the employee in issue until the manager goes on.

It’s worth noting that the expression “dead-end job” has nothing to do with job satisfaction. Job satisfaction is inextricably related to the worker’s perception of the value they provide to the larger community and society — they may theoretically have a high level of job satisfaction in a dead-end job.

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