What is Data Breach? | Meaning & Definition | Akrivia HCM

A data breach occurs when information is removed or stolen from a system without the owner’s knowledge or authority. A data breach can happen to a small business or a significant corporation. The consequences of a data breach might include damage to the target company’s reputation due to a perceived “betrayal of trust.” If linked documents are part of the information stolen, victims and their customers may face financial consequences.
Hacking or malware attacks are responsible for the majority of data breaches. Breach methods that are regularly noticed include the following:

  • Insider leak data is stolen by a trusted individual or a person of authority with access credentials.
  • Physical skimming devices steal payment card data in payment card fraud.
  • Portable drives, laptops, workplace computers, files, and other tangible property are stolen or lost.
  • Sensitive data is exposed unintentionally due to mistakes or ignorance.

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