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A customized employment process is one in which the relationship between an employer and an employee is discussed and negotiated so that both parties are happy with the result. The changes agreed upon may or may not be codified in the employment contract. It may be conducted before the employee starts or be part of an ongoing improvement process.  

Job reassignment may consist of redistributing the responsibilities of existing employees to new ones to suit their strengths better. Job sharing may also be possible, particularly when an employee seeks a more excellent balance between work and personal life. The organization helps people with intellectual disabilities find work. It works with employers and job seekers to develop tailored job opportunities. Rather than trying to get an existing job, customized employment focuses on a person’s skills, interests, and strengths. It customizes a job or self-employment opportunity to fit those needs. This approach can benefit both businesses and the community. 

Stages of customized employment: 

The customized employment process is a highly structured, step-by-step approach to employee recruitment. A number of experts with experience in customized employment will be able to guide you through both the initial stages and the final steps of this process. 

  • Analysis: The first step works to discover employees’ skills, strengths, interests, qualities, and preferences. The collective details throughout the process will be used to choose the best-fit career for you.  
  • Creation of job: The first stage ends when you take action and create a job that suits you. You could do this with an employer or be self-employed in a microenterprise. 

After you have found a willing employer, you and your support person will work with the employer to create a job that suits your skills, strengths, and interests. One way to do this is called job carving. This term refers to taking tasks from one or more existing job descriptions and combining them into one new position

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