What is Corporate Social Responsibility? | Akrivia HCM

The business model of corporate social responsibility is a relatively new phenomenon in which a company’s involvement regarding the legal, ethical, and social implications that industry practices have on the environment and communities. CSR can be practiced in many ways, including voluntary actions, legislation, stakeholder engagement & education, corporate philanthropy, ethical marketing & campaigning against irresponsible industry practices. Through various programs and activities, businesses can contribute positively to the communities in which they operate. From serving as a charitable donor to advocating for change in a community that needs it, helping to improve lives while also developing business success is inherently rewarding.

CSR has become an essential element in business today. If your company takes full advantage of opportunities within your community, customers will take note of the good you do. As more customers become involved in corporate social responsibility and expect businesses to be accountable for their actions, it is highly beneficial for your organization to enter into such initiatives. Corporate social responsibility programs can improve any business’s performance, reputation, and profitability in ways seen and unseen.

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