Company perks are getting something extra apart from your salary in exchange for working. The primary perk of a job at an Advertising Agency is getting free photoshoots, free food from food photography, and free travel to places for pitch deck when your client lives in other cities. Some companies will provide free health insurance, gym memberships, and company cars as perks to their employees.

But these are the sort of things that are considered standard benefits by most companies, so they don’t count as special perks. Those tend to be more like the ones offered by Google: Google’s offices have everything from gyms and swimming pools to haircuts and car wash services. They also give every employee a free day off on their birthday.

Google is on the end of being generous with its employees. It’s rare to find a company that will give you free dinners, $400 a month for lunches, and access to on-site doctors, dry cleaning, massages, and laundry services. But some places come close. Netflix gives new parents paid time off when their children are born or adopted; Genentech has an on-site concierge service. Facebook has “hackathons” where employees try to solve problems using creativity and technology while enjoying food catered by celebrity chefs.

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