A document that provides extensive practical information on how to comply with legal requirements and occupational health and safety rules and regulations.

Government-issued codes of practice are often issued in accordance with occupational health and safety legislation and regulations. They’re designed to make it easier to grasp how to follow the rules. When giving an improvement or restriction notice, a workplace inspector might refer to a code of practice, and these documents may be used in court. A court can utilize a code of practice to determine a reasonable course of action to handle a particular risk. Because there may be equivalent or superior means of accomplishing the required work health and safety, adherence to codes of practice isn’t always needed. Any alternative systems utilized meet a minimum standard of health and safety.

A code of practice is a written document published by a professional organization that establishes ethical standards for a profession, trade, occupation, organization, or union. Normally, the codes of practice do not have the same legal power as law. Frequently, they are made up of rules devised in response to actual or anticipated hazards encountered during the work.

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