What is Client Service Representative (CSR)?| Akrivia HCM

A customer service representative (CSR) – often known as an agent – works in a call or contact center, assisting clients with their problems. They can accomplish this by phone, chat, email, and social media, among other methods.

They have a significant impact on the customer experience; hence employers should look for the following characteristics when recruiting them:

  • The representatives don’t just listen to consumers; they genuinely grasp what they’re saying, requiring reading between the lines or understanding the context. The first step in assisting is to understand.
  • Problem-solving abilities – Self-service tools assist customers in solving many easy problems on their own, resulting in more complicated difficulties requiring the assistance of customer service agents (CSRs). They must be capable of dealing with them.
  • Strong interpersonal skills – Competent representatives maintain a professional and courteous demeanor even when dealing with agitated consumers. It would be even much better if they can take it a step further and establish some rapport.
  • Reliability – Contact centers are highly structured work environments, and the center’s success is dependent on everyone arriving on time. Long-term no-shows and regularly late personnel can wreak havoc on wait times. Candidates should have a track record of dependability.

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