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A chief information officer (CIO) is the firm leader in charge of information and computer technology management, deployment, and usability. The function of the CIO has grown in popularity and relevance as technology advances and reshapes industries around the world. The CIO analysizes how various technologies benefit the companies or improve an existing process, then integrates a system to achieve that more benefit or improvement.

Over the years, the CIO’s position has evolved. The job was more technical in the 1980s when corporations needed to manage their internal computers, databases, and communications networks. CIOs establish strategies and computer systems to keep organizations competitive in a fast-changing global economy in the 2010s, thanks to cloud computing, wireless communications, big-data analytics, and mobile devices. One of the most important responsibilities of a modern CIO is to forecast future computer technology advances that will provide a company an edge over competitors. A person known as a chief operating officer of IT is usually in charge of the day-to-day operations of maintaining a computer system.

With the rising usage of IT and computer technology in enterprises, CIOs have risen dramatically. The CIO is in charge of things like building a website to assist the company reach out to more customers and integrating new inventory tools to help better manage inventory use.

  • A company’s information and computer technology systems are managed and implemented by a CIO, who is a high-ranking executive.
  • The function of a CIO has grown in popularity and relevance as technology has become more sophisticated and globalized.
  • A Bachelor’s degree in a technology-related subject is often required of a CIO.
  • A CIO must be adaptable and able to respond rapidly to trends, changes, and the organization’s demands, its people, and the people it serves.

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