What is casual leave?

Casual leave is a form of leave granted when employees need time off from work to deal with a situation that causes them to be emotionally distressed. Employees must have completed their probation period to be eligible for paid leave.

Usually, companies provide 3 casual leaves per month. However, each company may have different rules regarding these types of leaves. Some companies offer paid casual leaves of at least three days, while others offer more. While some employers may grant leave completely at their discretion, others may require that employees first obtain permission from the employer through the attendance management system before taking any time off.

Reasons for taking Casual Leaves

  1. ILL Health
  2. Emergency situation in the family
  3. Physical damage
  4. Bereavement leave
  5. Important medical appointment
  6. Accident
  7. Personal reasons

Casual Leave Rules

  1. Any unused casual leaves are not carried forward as they expire the year itself.
  2. Companies registered under the Shops and Establishment Act are entitled to six casual leaves.
  3. It cannot be adjoined with any other type of leaves.
  4. Casual leaves is not leave encashable like earned leaves.

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