What is Career Plateau? | Meaning & Definition | Akrivia HCM

A career plateau is a period of time during which you feel incapable of gaining promotion and unable to progress. Symptoms of professional stagnation include feeling stuck at a job, constantly feeling bored, and struggling to find fulfillment. It feels like being stuck in one position and there is no hope to grow. It can occur when your job or skills no longer challenge you.

Causes of career plateaus vary from person to person, resulting in individuals exhibiting unique responses to the situation. In general, however, there are two perspectives on the causes of career plateaus: internal and external causes. Internal reasons are rooted in something unique to the individual’s experience, whereas external ones stem from circumstances beyond an individual’s control.

Managing the plateau of a career differentiates with its reason. However, finding an occupation that complements one’s skills and interests is sometimes difficult. The employee should not get discouraged or blame himself for reaching the plateau.

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