What is Career development? | Meaning & Definition | Akrivia HCM

It is a method of learning about various careers, deciding which ones interest you and for which you are qualified, learning skills relevant to your chosen career paths, and setting goals to advance in a chosen career. A person concerned with career development takes an active role in identifying their strengths and weaknesses, strives to improve those necessary skills, seeks opportunities to advance in their field, and may even decide to change careers altogether.

Careful attention to career development involves identifying one’s strengths and weaknesses, learning about different roles and industries, seeking opportunities to advance, and switching careers if necessary. It is a lengthy method in which people get to know about their strengths and weaknesses and improves their skills. They may explore different roles and industries to find the right fit for their abilities, seek opportunities for advancement, and make career changes if necessary.

Factors that affect career development:

  1. Personal Traits: personal characteristics influence which occupations we find satisfying; they also help determine which types of work environments will make us productive and happy.
  2. Financial commitments: Financial commitments can make it difficult for a person to change jobs or careers.
  3. Age: A person’s age can hinder career development if it has a negative impact on one’s perception of oneself.
  4. Obligations of a family: People with children or elderly parents face many difficulties to get extra time to polish their skills.

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