What is Career Based System? | Meaning & Definition | Akrivia HCM

A career-based system in human resources management includes a series of programs for employees’ ability and opportunities for current and future that align with the career goals.

In human resources management, career systems include strategies to match employees’ abilities and goals with opportunities in the organization. Some of these strategies are provided through training for jobs.

Phases include in the career-based system:

  1. Self-assessment: This stage allows employees to explore new options, determining the value, ability, personality, and interest of each employee.
  2. Research: When planning a career, the employee examines their education and work history to determine their “relevant” career paths.
  3. Identification: After exploring your career options, consider identifying a path that matches your interests.
  4. Alignment: Organizations must align their employees’ needs and aspirations with the company’s career ladder.
  5. Action Plan: In the final stage of the career-based system, managers focus on building a plan for implementing their career system.

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