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CRM system is an automated way of communicating with candidates, encouraging engagement, and improving the candidate experience. This method of recruiting was introduced to the world as a solution to one of the biggest challenges in the HR industry: attracting talented employees. It provides a good candidate experience by processing the steps smoothly. When a company gives a good candidate journey, it builds the brand’s image.

A CRM has two types, the first CRM bolts onto the Applicant tracking system, and the second CRM is native within the ATS. When you bolt on a CRM to your ATS, you are forced to manage two separate databases and check for candidate information in two places. Native CRMs are built into your ATS, providing one database with a single view of your candidate profiles, both active and inactive. Bolt-on CRMs can be inconvenient if you need to check for candidate information from two places. The best recruitment CRM is a native one, providing a single database view into your candidate profiles. When it comes to choosing between both types, the CRM native to ATS is best.

CRM helps HR professionals in various tasks:

  • Understand the candidate and engage them within the entire process.
  • Building excellent profiles on career sites.
  • More effective collaboration.
  • Efficiently measure the performance.
  • Nurture the talents and source proactively.

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