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Candidate management is a plan of recruitment that focuses on good candidate experience and building an excellent relationship with the applicants. It seeks to improve a company’s recruiting process and enhance its brand by providing a positive experience for active candidates.

The present market of jobs is focused on candidates. Every company wants to give the best candidate experience during their journey from the first interaction to hiring because that also helps organizations do the word branding. With this type of candidate management strategy, companies attract more applicants and can engage them for a long time. Even the first time, they don’t hire the candidates because of the limited number of positions. By giving good experience, the HR team will be able to pitch them the next time for the same type of position.

Benefits of good candidate management:

  • Helps in attracting good candidates.
  • Helps to create brand awareness.
  • Helps to do the conventional branding.
  • Helps to keep in touch with suitable candidates.
  • Helps to filter potential candidates.

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