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The candidate journey is a path with many steps and crossroads during the recruitment process, from the first interaction with the company’s concerned person to getting the job. It captures events associated with the process of evaluating and applying for jobs and could be considered at the point of entry into the recruitment, hiring, or hiring decision process.

It is a crucial experience for all job seekers and candidates because it’s where they will determine whether the organization is the best place for them to grow, learn, and succeed. The path of an average candidate will vary depending on their demographics, the job they are applying to, industry, etc. Still, it’s important to think about what happens at each step in their journey and how it affects them.

A candidate’s journey includes seven stages:

  • Awareness of the job ads and the image of the company.
  • Determine if the candidate wants to work for the given position and company.
  • Interest in the company leads candidates to apply for the job.
  • The candidate applies for the job.
  • Employers schedule the interview, where they evaluate if the candidate is worth taking in.
  • After clearing the interview phases, the concerned person selects the candidate.
  • The candidate gets an offer from the company after negotiating the salary.
  • This is the last step where the HR team of the company onboards the candidate.

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