What is Candidate Experience? | HR Glossary | Akrivia HCM

Candidate experience is how candidates feel during the hiring process: applying for a job, screening, and interviewing. These interactions can have a significant impact on attracting applicants and give a good impression about your company so that they choose to accept an offer. Candidate experience doesn’t always begin upon application. It begins with their first interaction with the recruitment team and can last from application to completion of the hiring process. A good candidate experience is crucial to instilling confidence in the company.

In a candidate’s experience, the candidates have certain expectations from a job. They trust the company to help them fulfill those expectations during their interaction with the company. The candidate’s perceptions of each component of the hiring process are crucial to their feelings about the desired career opportunity and their decision to join the position.

Ways to improve candidate experience:

  • Give a clear view of job responsibilities.
  • State the steps of the recruitment process to the candidate.
  • Design impressive career pages.
  • The application process should be easy.
  • Value the time of candidates.
  • Engage candidates with proper communication.
  • Try to get feedback from the candidate during the interview process.
  • Build an excellent professional relationship with the candidates.

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