Candidate engagement is the method of communicating with your candidate pool to influence them to apply for a job or encourage them to follow up on an application. Engagement is typically accomplished through email, text, or face-to-face communications.

Attracting top talent requires an ability to build better relationships with candidates by providing better candidate experience.

A successful inbound recruiting strategy is a multi-faceted approach to attracting and engaging prospective candidates, ideally eliminating the time-consuming sourcing and interviewing that takes up much of recruiters’ time. An essential function is to hire job candidates by providing them with “appealing” and “compelling” content relevant to the position. This enables employers to reduce their recruitment costs and find new, high-value talent.

Steps to help increase candidate engagement:

  • Review the applications of the candidates quickly.
  • Start communicating with the potential candidates.
  • Plan a short timeline for hiring.
  • Engage by text messaging.
  • Get feedback from candidates.

Benefits of candidate engagement:

  • Candidate engagement builds interest in the company.
  • Candidate engagement helps spread the word about the brand.
  • Candidate engagement can help decrease the dropout rate of applicants.
  • It makes new hires happier when they begin working.

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