Candidate refers either to someone seeking a job or position or someone who has applied for work and gone through some or all stages in the interview process. A candidate needs to be able to utilize their skills, knowledge, and expertise to provide ultimate satisfaction to the employers. Not just satisfied employers but happy candidates will help each other reach a superior goal if hired, thereby making the business mutually richer for generations to come.

Qualities Human Resources team wants in potential candidates:

  • The interviewer wants to know the real personality of the candidate.
  • The candidate should be progressive.
  • Awareness of the company.
  • Understand the job responsibility and brand’s priority.
  • They want the candidate to be a good problem solver.

Skills H.R. wants in potential candidates:

  • The ability to withstand stress and unpleasant situations.
  • A trustworthy employee who will stand with the company even in bad situations.
  • To cope with increasing competition in all sectors, companies hire employees capable of handling several tasks at once.
  • Companies want to hire ambitious people, work harder, and exceed their expectations at work.
  • H.R.s prefer a team player candidate over a solely player.

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